Monday, February 22, 2010

A Quick Note To My Readers!

I value you, my readers, very much and because I do I'd like to just say that as I probably won't be updating this blog too often I'd love to invite you to join me over at my other blog JOURNEYS THROUGH TIME (under my real name, Ann Brien) where I usually just write about things that have a special nostalgic meaning for me and indeed my thoughts about events in my day to day life.

I guess the reason I won't be updating is that this blog and the Breakingdown ~ Breakingthrough blog deal mainly with the book which I made available online as a reference source for those working in the area of Transpersonal Psychology. I sincerely hope that someone will benefit from my experiences.

Until next time!

Image sourced at:  Dublin Writers' Museum


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Complete "Breakingdown, Breakingthrough...." Book Online

When I first decided to self-publish "Breakingdown, Breakingthrough - My Thorn-Paved Road To Healing Via Altered States and Near Madness" I could only afford to have fifty copies printed.

As I now have only two copies left and I'm still being asked where the book is available I made the decision to upload the whole manuscript online for those who wish to explore its contents.  My reason for writing the book was solely to make the accounts my breathwork sessions available to anyone who might find them of interest to their work in this area, whether as a facilitator or breathwork researcher.

I hope my journeys will benefit someone.

To view the webpage please click on the "Links" section opposite.